There are four mailinglists related to the ScalableOGo project. Please always use a mailinglist which fits your question or comment, please never do crossposts.

discuss at

Please use the discuss mailing list for suggestions, general feedback or all other questions you have. Please do post to the other lists unless your question really fits in there.

sogo at

On the sogo list you find help on ScalableOGo compilation and installation.

groupdav at

The GroupDAV list is for help on the GroupDAV protocol. If you are writing a GroupDAV client or servers, this is the right list for you. This list is not for questions on GroupDAV implementations!

developer at

Developer is the mailing list where developers coordinate their work. Feel free to subscribe and listen, but please don't post if you are not into OGo software development.
Use the discuss or sogo lists to ask questions!